Rein 'n Shine - ART and HORSES:
Adolescent Psychotherapy for All Seasons!

Art Therapy and Equine Assisted Therapy
for Children and Adults

Locations include Issaquah, Snohomish
and Maple Valley

Serving Seattle Eastside, South Everett,
Snohomish, Renton and Kent

Psychotherapy is available for:
Individuals in crisis, suffering from depression
or experiencing relationship difficulties
(including couple and child/parent problems),
poor self image, learning disabilities
and hyperactivity, anger issues,
grieving and residue from sexual abuse.

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Come and engage real life OUTDOORS

In the company of a counselor and the horses, you see yourself in the mirror they hold up for you.
You are unique and empowered; your life has immeasurable worth.

Solutions to your problems are revealed in your own works, thoughts and art.

Your relationship with the horses and with your own creativity reflects new aspects of yourself and shines light on a new way forward.




Barry Thompson MD, LMHC

Susan has been such a help to me in my career, it's hard to find the words to describe.  To speak metaphorically, she took me from being a chunk of raw material to a well-designed "product".  By that I mean to say that through her patience, wisdom, and extensive clinical experience, she was able to bring out the very best that I had to offer.

Anita Medina MA CCDC ll retired

I learned so much from Susan as an Art Therapy consultant.  She was very insightful, creative and inspirational.  Art Therapy was often more beneficial for my clients than regular "talk" therapy.

Scott Patterson

Susan is a highly insightful and skilled clinician.  She is adept at tailoring her approach to the specific needs of each person in a most extraordinary way and she supports them to work through even the most traumatic issues.  I have referred children of varied ages to her.

Rein’-N-Shine is a comprehensive adolescent psychotherapy package, offering Equine Assisted Therapy during the summer months and Expressive Art Theraphy during the winter. Come and engage the real seasons of your life with professional, fullly credentialled clinical support.
Issaquah, WA 98027
/Snohomish, WA
Maple Valley, WA