One-Room Robotics @

the Kittitas County One-room Robotics 4-H Club


Our club is not about competitions. Our club *is* about stimulating the interest and energy that kids seem to have for Robotics.

Having said that, we recognize that participating in a competition can be tremendously energizing and inspiring for a child. So our perspective on that is that if the child and parents are behind participating in the competition, then we will support that effort through the club.

One might ask: "Why is parental participation important?".

The answer is that while participating in the competition need not be particularly expensive, there is a substantial time committment on the part of both the parents and the child.

How much of a time committment? Well, for a child to have a reasonable shot at some success, there needs to be an *additional* 6-10 hours/week of effort, for at *least* 8 weeks, and preferrably 12 weeks prior to the competition. And, for FTC and FRC and Lego League competitions, they are generally held on the west-side. There are some VEX competitions happening in Ellensburg a few times/year.

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