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the Kittitas County One-room Robotics 4-H Club

Why One-Room?

We are fortunate to have the support of the Odd Fellows Lodge of Ellensburg. Their building has 2 large rooms - the main meeting room and the dining room. Our club meets in the dining room, which is large enough to accomodate over 100 adults, and our club just fits into that room. Which made me think of the old days with one-room schoolhouses. In exploring the old one-room schoolhouses, I found a few people talking about the general approach of the teachers in these schools. The big question would be, how do you teach a different curriculum to children of varying ages - typically grades 1-8 or 1-12. The answer was simple - don't. Teach everyone the core competencies: the 3 'R's - reading riting & rithmetic. Without these, a person cannot meaningfully function in a school setting. And then, teach subjects to the oldest students. Everyone listens to all of the teaching, and then part of the older students time is devoted to mentoring the younger ones. So the younger kids would typically get one-on-one guidance, and the older student might, at the same time, discover deeper insights into the subject matter. I found this concept to be very similar to what we are trying to setup in our 4-H club. We hope to have a room full of engaged kids, either working on something or looking at/talking to someone else about what they are doing. In this way, the kids should learn and practice the core competency required in robotics, which, IMHO, is "structured thought", or possibly "guided thought".

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